Tools - Settings - View - Viewer

The menu item "Tools → Settings → View → Viewer" offers settings for the quick viewer and the viewer.

The quick viewer is always positioned in the FreeCommander main window (see: "Overview of the user interface").

The viewer is always opened in an extra window.

Quick viewer

The quick viewer can be opened by the menu item "View → Quick view panel" or the hotkey "Ctrl+Q".

The following basic settings are offered for the quick viewer:

Quick viewer display types

There are two arrangements available for displaying the quick viewer:

Splitter hot spot visible

If this setting is checked, a bar is shown in each splitter to indicate that it can be dragged for resizing. (This setting applies only to the quick viewer splitters, not the main splitter. For controlling the main splitter hot spot, use "Tools → Settings → View", option "Hotspot visible".)

Quick viewer size by file type

The size of the quick view panel can be defined depending on file types. This is possible, if:

Editing the list of file types

The following buttons are available for editing the list of file types:

Quick viewer size

If a file is opened in the quick view panel and its file type is in the list of file types, the quick viewer size used to show the last displayed file of this type in the quick view panel is used to show the file to be opened.

Other settings

Use only one viewer instance

If this setting is checked, only one file can be shown at a time with the quick viewer. On opening a second file, the currently-shown file is closed.

Hide toolbar in quick viewer

If this setting is checked, the toolbar is shown only in the viewer and not in the quick viewer.

Use same settings for viewer and quick viewer

If this setting is checked, the viewer settings are used in the quick viewer as well. The "Quick viewer" button is not active.

If this setting is not checked, the settings have to be defined separately with the buttons "Viewer" and "Quick viewer".

"Viewer" Button

After clicking the "Viewer" button, the window "Configure viewer" is opened and the settings for the viewer can be defined in the following tabs:

"Quick viewer" Button

If the setting "Use same settings for viewer and quick viewer" is not checked, all possible settings of the viewer can be defined independently for the quick viewer (after pressing the "Quick viewer" button).