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Main window title

This setting configures the title of the FreeCommander main window. The title is composed of information about the content of the active panel.

The button offers three base patterns for building the title:

The button offers to insert the following contents in the title pattern:

Main splitter

This setting configures the vertical (sometimes horizontal) line separating the panels. The following settings are offered:

Change splitter color if content is not visible

This option is used for all FreeCommander splitters. The content in the case of the main splitter is a file panel.

Go up strip

This setting configures two vertical bars, one on the left border of the left panel and the other on the right border of the right panel (see "Overview of the user interface"). Clicking one of these strips activates the parent folder of the active panel. The following settings are offered:

Icons in the main menu

The display mode of icons for the items in the main menu can be chosen:

Each item of the main menu is preceded by a large icon.

Use Windows drawn menus

If this setting is checked, the menus will be drawn by Windows instead of by FreeCommander.

Dialogs font

If the setting "Use defined font" is checked, the font specified here is used for every dialog screen. Otherwise the fonts specified by Windows are used.