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Tab Converter

Under "Tools → Settings → View → Viewer" in the tab "Converter" the following settings are offered for the viewer and/or the quick viewer.

These settings are applied for the:

  • Viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Viewer" button
  • Quick viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Quick viewer" button,
    or if it was opened via the "Viewer" button and the setting "Use same settings for viewer and quick viewer" is checked.

Assignment of filters and programs (converters)

Different file extensions (column "filter") may be assigned to different converters (in the column "program").

In the above example, files with the extensions "doc", "docx", "xls" and "xlsx" are assigned to the converter "xdoc2txt.exe".

Converters are programs that read out pure unformatted text from formatted text files and return the unformatted text in a temporary file. FreeCommander displays the temporary file containing unformatted text.

Examples for formatted text files are: DOC, DOCX, RTF, HTM, HTML, PDF, XLS, XLSX, XML, PPT, HLP.

The content of the input field "Target file extension" defines the extension of the temporary file.

Calling a converter

If the content of the highlighted file is to be shown and its file extension is not listed in the tab "General", it is converted by the program that is assigned to the first matching filter. Only checked rows are taken into account when matching a filter.

Additionally you must activate in Viewer "View->Show converted file".

Editing the list of filters and programs

The following buttons are available for editing the list of filters and converter programs:

  • :        add new row
  • :        edit the filter in the highlighted row
  • :        delete the highlighted row
  • :        move the highlighted row up
  • :        move the highlighted row down

The input box "program" specifies the program which should perform the action for the highlighted filter.

The input box "parameter" specifies any parameters required for the program in the highlighted row.