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Tab Plugins

Under "Tools → Settings → View → Viewer" in the tab "Plugins" the following settings are offered for the viewer and/or the quick viewer.

These settings are applied for the:

  • Viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Viewer" button
  • Quick viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Quick viewer" button,
    or if it was opened via the "Viewer" button and the setting "Use same settings for viewer and quick viewer" is checked.

Editing the list of plugins

The following buttons are available for editing the list of viewer plugins:

  • :        add new viewer plugin. Plugins (files with the extension "WLX") can be chosen from the Windows "Open" dialog.
  • :        delete the highlighted plugin
  • :        move the highlighted plugin up
  • :        move the highlighted plugin down
  • :        configure the highlighted plugin

Configure plugin

After clicking the button, the following two new fields appear in the tab dialog:

Detect string

In the input box "Detect string", enter the file extensions which will be viewed by the highlighted plugin.

File name

In the input box "File name", the path and filename of the plugin can be specified in the same way as with the button.

Plugins have higher priority than internal viewers

If this setting is checked, FreeCommander first analyzes whether a plugin can open files with a given extension. The listed plugins are analyzed sequentially from the top down. The highlighted file is opened by the first plugin with a matching extension in the detect string. Only checked rows are taken into account.

If a plugin has no file extension assigned in its detect string, FreeCommander then analyzes whether this plugin can open the file natively.

If no plugin fits, then FreeCommander tries to open the file with an internal viewer.

If this setting is not checked, FreeCommander analyzes whether the file can be opened by an internal viewer listed in the viewer tab "General".

In this case plugins can be activated only with the menu item "View → Plugins" in the viewer window.