Tools - Settings - View - Viewer - 
Tab Shortcuts

Under "Tools → Settings → View → Viewer" in the tab "Shortcuts" the following settings are offered for the viewer and/or the quick viewer.

These settings are applied for the:

  • Viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Viewer" button
  • Quick viewer, if the window "Configure viewer" was opened via the "Quick viewer" button,
    or if it was opened via the "Viewer" button and the setting "Use same settings for viewer and quick viewer" is checked.

Input field Shortcut

In the input field "Shortcut", a shortcut (hotkey) can be assigned to the highlighted command.

The hotkey then has the same function as the highlighted command.

The following shortcuts are possible:

  • Single keys
  • Ctrl + a key
  • Alt + a key
  • Shift + a key
  • Shift + Ctrl + a key
  • Shift + Alt + a key
  • Ctrl + Alt + a key

"Assign" Button

By activating the "Assign" button, the key (or key combination) in the input field is assigned as the shortcut for the highlighted command.

Positioning on a command

If the cursor is on the list of commands and a key is pressed, the next command beginning with that key is highlighted.