File operations via operations queue

If several file/folder operations are to be started, it makes sense, particularly when copying/moving larger files, to execute these operations one after another in an operations queue and not parallel.

Operations queue settings

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → File/folder operations" in the tab "Operations queue" settings can be defined for processing file/folder operations via an operations queue:

Operations concerned

The following file-/folder operations can be executed via the operations queue:

Add operations to the operations queue

Pressing the button adds an operation listed above to the operations queue and starts the processing of the operations queue.

Opening the operations queue dialog

The dialog operations queue is opened by:

  • adding an operation to the operations queue, if under "Tools → Settings → File/folder operations" in the tab "Operations queue" the option "Open queue dialog minimized" is not checked.
  • activating the button in the operation queue bar, if the operations queue is not empty.

The dialog operations queue

The dialog operations queue lists all operations added to the operations queue and not yet been executed.

The highlighted operation can be processed as follows (possible only for waiting operations):

  • :        remove the highlighted operation from the operations queue and execute it immediately
  • :        delete the highlighted operation
  • :        move the highlighted operation up
  • :        move the highlighted operation down