FAQ – Color Schemes

What are the color schemes?

In a color scheme all current color settings can be saved, that are defined in the “settings” of the individual elements. It’s possible save multiple color schemes and switch between them, share them with other users, or download them.

An example of the color scheme:

Where can I find more color schemes?

More color schemes you can find here and here.

How to create a new color scheme?

You can find all information, hints in the Guide here.

I can’t change the color of some items, lines, why?

The color of some elements can’t be changed yet (maybe it will be possible in the future).

Is it possible to change text and background colors for some dialog, like Search, Multi Rename etc.?

It’s not possible yet (but it may be possible in the future).

What are the color scheme menu icons?

Color scheme menu icons are the icons shown in the color schemes list in the menu to see the main colors of the color scheme.

Menu icons look like this:

How can I get the color scheme menu icons?

To display the icon in color schemes menu:

Create a png image file with the size 20×20 pixels with 2 most common colors, or create a copy of included png file and edit this file.
Rename the png file to the same name as the color scheme name (.colors file).
Place the png file to the Settings\ColorSchemes folder.

Menu icons for existing color schemes are already available, they can be downloaded in the same topic as color schemes, here.

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