FreeCommander XE 2023 Build 880 32-bit public

File Creation Date File Size File SHA256
With Setup program
16.12.2022 14.36 MB 9330AED7FA563A76C489FB0445905153CAE93CC591DE3B98B30C84DD468E75E4
With Setup program, with help file
16.12.2022 24.03 MB 86496FA11C3EA5DEEDF40861991257596133AEC3D3DFAF080BE90299B1DD832
Setup program does not work on Windows XP or Vista, in that case use the portable version.

Portable versions


Due to a security problem with WinRAR it is strongly recommended to update the dll’s unrar.dll or unrar64.dll used in FreeCommander.
You can find the dll’s in the FreeCommander installations folder.
We recommend updating FreeCommander to version 894 (for 64 bit versions) or replacing the unrar*.dll.
The new unrar dll’s can be downloaded here
# SHA256 checksum for generated by FreeCommander 25.08.2023 10:15:01

FreeCommander XE 64-bit is currently available as bonus for the donors.

Color schemes download.

Previous versions

File Creation Date File Size File SHA1 11.02.2022 14.12 MB CB92BA34D987D534CEFA3DD171DAA1FFB03E50D6 18.12.2020 11.61 MB 13D6DEE513C365F2B825BD0B4E218495FD83BAAC 18.01.2020 9.13 MB A6ACEC1A1B3083D124BA93818396F479A319791C 05.01.2019 8.68 MB EC50EA929A61EC3A07258F23B25AA7FD0B290D33 22.01.2018 8.03 MB 7518ED3F3B068CA43A8B92F912AC3410BC009B27 20.01.2017 6.41 MB FA51E59F87C56CCB6BECE89C219D70AC4ECBDF24

Help files

Language File Link  
English  Help-Online  
German  Help-Online  
Spanish  Help-Online  
Dutch  Help-Online  
Portuguese-Brazil  Help-Online  

Help file – please unpack and copy the help file in the FreeCommander install folder.

old Version: FreeCommander 2009.02b

File Name Creation Date File Size File MD5 12.09.2010 2,54 MB

More old downloads:  FreeCommanderPortable_2009.02b.paf.exe
MSI: FreeCommander200902b.msi

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