Dear user,

if you have any questions about the programm, first visit our forum. Perhaps the answer to your question exists already and if not, just ask your question in the forum. Unfortunately, I am not able to answer every question via E-mail.
If you have any other comments about this site or about FreeCommander please write to me at this address:
If you have noticed a programm bug and you want to rectify it, don’t forget to include the following informations:

  • Program version  (please check if you are using the current version)
  • Windows version
  • FreeCommander configuration – it’s best that you include the file freeCommander.ini
  • If possible, take a snapshot of your desktop and attach the image to your e-mail
  • Describe the problem in a way that I can understand and reproduce it

And if you like the program so much that you use it every day and you’re feeling unwell if you don’t have it always on your fingertips 🙂 then think of whether you want to help with the further development.

I hope you will enjoy FreeCommander,
Marek Jasinski

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