FAQ – Tree

How to view the file system tree panel?

In the main menu select “File → View → Tree” or use the Tree toolbar button or the Tree keyboard shortcut (Alt+T).
You can disable it the same way.

How to view one tree for each panel?

Go to the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → General” and select the option “One tree per panel”.

Can I shrink the display of the file system tree to the current drive only?

Yes, you can, open the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → Management → Base folder”  and select the option “Drive”.

I have defined bigger font for the file system tree, but the rows are too tight now. Can I change the height of the row?

Open the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → Color/Font/Icons” and increase the number for option “Item height”.

The selected node in the tree is too dark. Can I change the color of the selected node?

Go to the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → Color/Font/Icons”  click the color icon, then click “Selection” and change the color.

I use SVN client on my PC but the overlay icons of the SVN client are not visible in the file system tree. How to make the overlay icons visible in the tree?

Open the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → Management” and check the option “Show overlay icons (SVN)”.

The file system tree does not show the windows archive files (zip, cab). Can I make the archive files visible in the tree?

Go to the “Settings (F12) → View → Tree → Management ” and check the option “Show Windows archives (zip, cab)”.

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