FAQ – Thumbnails

The pictures in my thumbnails view are to small. Can I have bigger thumbnails too?

Yes, you can select the thumbnail size clicking the small button next to the Thumbnails view button.
Select thumbnail size

Usually I use just two sizes for thumbnails. How can I switch between them quickly?

You can define keyboard shortcuts for them, to switch between these views easily. In the main menu go to “Tools → Define keyboard shortcuts…”, then find (or filter) Thumbnails items (“View” section) and assign a shortcut to those you like.

Following thumbnail view sizes are available: Thumbnails 48, Thumbnails 64, Thumbnails 96, Thumbnails 120, Thumbnails 196, Thumbnails 256, Thumbnails 512

I would like to see the thumbnails for my text files too? Is it possible?

Yes, open the “Settings (F12) → View → Thumbnails”  and enter the file extensions for the text files within the field below “Make thumbnails for the text files”.

For example: .bat.ini.txt.

I use SVN client on my PC for showing special overlay icons but for thumbnails view I do not like the overlay icons. Can I disable the overlay icons for thumbnail view only?

Yes, you can, go to “Settings (F12) → View → Thumbnails” and unselect the option “Show overlay icons”.

I would like another background color for the thumbnails, how to change it?

Open the “Settings (F12) → View → Thumbnails” then unselect the option “Transparent” below “Background color:” and click the color button to change the color.
Thumbnail bacground color

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