FAQ – File operations

What is the Queue feature and how to use it?

When using the Queue feature, only one operation is performed at the time, you can add the new operation(s) anytime, they will be added to the queue and performed in background, so you can use the FreeCommander during the operations.
The Queue feature is available only if the FreeCommander file operations are enabled, to do this, open the “Settings → File/folder operations → General” and set “Use FreeCommander” option for Copy, Move, (and Delete). You can also use the option “Make Queue button as default in the operation dialog” in “Settings → File/folder operations → Operations Queue”.

Note: FreeCommander file operations work only when using splitter bar Copy/Move buttons or F5/F6 hotkeys, they don’t work when using drag&drop, or Ctrl+C / Ctrl+X / Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts.

I need to process the items from different locations. Can I process them all at once?

Yes, you can use the File container to copy/move/delete/(multi)rename files or folders at once. To do this, open the File container tab (right click the tab and select “New file container tab”), and transfer the items from the other panel to the file container, then you can process the items together.

Alternatively you can use the Queue feature, which is useful for copying, moving, deleting. You don’t have to transfer the items to the file container, just use the action (copy/move/delete) as many times as you need, the actions will be processed one by one.

How to preserve file/folder timestamp?

First, open the “Settings (F12) → File/folder operations → General“, set “Use FreeCommander” option for Copy and Move and click the OK button.
Then copy or move the item(s) using F5 / F6 (or the splitter toolbar buttons “Copy” / “Move”) and check the option “Preserve file/folder timestamp”.
Preserve timestamp

Note: File/folder timestamp it not preserved when using Ctrl+C / Ctrl+X / Ctrl+V or drag&drop.

Is it possible to export the list of folders and files in a directory?

In the main menu select “Folder → Make folder/file list…”.

Alternatively you can select the items in Details view, then using main menu item “Edit → Copy details to clipboard” option, and finally paste the list to any text program/editor (e.g. Notepad).

How to copy folder structure only?

  • Define filter with the name “Folders only

Filter folders only

  • Be sure you use the option  “Use FreeCommander” for copy operation
  • Select the folder whose structure you want to copy and start copy operation
  • In the copy dialog select the defined filter “Folders only”

Copy folder structure

  • Check in the “Files” tab if you have folders only

Copy folder structure2

  • Click on “Run” button for starting the copy operation

How to split a file and create the part files in different locations?

Select the file in the file pane, in the main menu select “File → Split” (or Shift+Ctrl+I), then click the button “Define destination paths for the part files” and define the paths for individual part files.
Split file

How to combine part files from different locations?

Select the file with extension .001 or .split, then in the main menu click the “File → Combine files…”, then click the button “Define source paths for the part files” and define the paths for individual part files (with extensions .001, .002 etc.).
Combine file

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