FAQ – File/folder list

Does FreeCommander have the Undo feature?

FreeCommander has no general undo feature. However, you can undo some operations:

If you’re using drag&drop, or delete (Vista+ method), or Ctrl+C / Ctrl+X / Ctrl+V keyboard shortcuts, you can use the undo in Windows Explorer as workaround. If you want to undo the last operation (e.g. drag&drop) made in FreeCommander – open the Windows Explorer and click on the free space in the file list. From the context menu you can undo the operation.
FreeCommander has an integrated undo feature for Multi rename, if you want to undo the last operation, open the Multi rename window (Ctrl+M), go to window menu Command  and select “Undo” option.
When you close the tab my mistake, you can right click any tab, select the option “Recently closed tabs” and then select the tab you want to re-open.

I can not see all files in FreeCommander. Can I change this?

You should activate the options “Show hidden items” and “Show system items” under Settings → View → File/folder list → General.
You can toggle the visibility of hidden and system items anytime by a keyboard shortcut – you must define for it a shortcut first (Tools → Define keyboard shortcuts: “View – Show/hide hidden and system files”).

Is there a way to change date/time format?

Open the Settings (F12) → View → File/folder list → General and use the context menu button below “Timestamp format” to change date/time format. You can use a custom format, or the same format as in Windows.
Change date/time format

How to display tooltip for files/folders?

Go to Settings (F12) → View → File/folder list → General and check the option “Show files and folders tooltip”.

Can I change the panels orientation from left-right to top-bottom?

Yes, you can, using the main menu  → Viewv → Split horizontal, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H.

I would like to see the grid lines in the detail view, is it possible?

Open the Settings (F12) → View → File/Folder list → General and check the option “Show gridlines”.

How to select multiple items?

You can select items by several ways:

Mouse dragging
Left mouse button together with Ctrl or/and Shift keys
Main menu → Edit…
Creating selection buttons in the toolbar
Customizable keyboard shortcuts
Insert key  / Space key (Only in NC-Mode)

How to select multiple files with the same extension quickly?

You can use the option in the main menu → Edit → “Select files with same ext.”, or the shortcut “Alt+Num+”. You can also create the toolbar button, if you use this option often.

Is it possible to view column with checkboxes to select item(s), as in Windows Explorer?

It’s not possible, but you can use this option, as workaround:

Go to Settings (F12) → Select items → NC-Mode (sticky selection)  and enable the option “Select items in NC-Mode”, then click the drop-down menu under “By click on item icon” and select the option “Select item”.
Checkboxes alternative

Now you can use the item icons as checkboxes, to quickly select/unselect the items. Selected items will be highlighted with different color.
Checkboxes alternative

What is File container?

In FreeCommander a file container is a file which contains links to other files and folders. A file container can be opened in a panel like a folder. For example, favorite pictures stored in different folders can be shown as they would be if stored in a single folder; the file container is in effect this single (virtual) folder.

It’s useful if you want to process the files/folders from different locations at once.
For example: copy, move, delete, (multi)rename.

Is it possible to unlock a bitlocker drive from FreeCommander, like it is from Explorer?

Yes, use long right click on drive in the drive bar and then select unlock command (tested on Windows 10).

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