Overview of the user interface - Address bar

There is one address bar per panel. It always displays the path whose items are actually shows in the panel. At the right border of the address bar its "Address bar - actions tool bar" is shown.

The position of the address bar in the main window is shown in chapter "Overview of the user interface".

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → View → Address bar" settings and colors of the address bar can be defined. The setting can be edited also after clicking the menu item "Settings" in the context menu, that is shown after right-clicking the free space of the address bar.

The drive button

If the option "Show drive button in address bar" is checked under the tab "General" of the menu item "Tools → Settings → View → Drives", at the left border of the address bar a button for the drive shown, whose folder is actually active.

The folders of the path

If the cursor is over a folder of the address bar (in the picture folder "Boot"), this folder name is shown as a button.

The background color of this button can be highlighted ("Tools → Settings → View → Address bar" tab "Color/Font")

If the option "Show hot button for sub-folders" is checked, an arrow is shown as button below the folder button.

The free space of the address bar