Tools - Settings - View - File/folder list - 
Tab Sorting

Under "Tools → Settings → View → File/folder list" in the tab "Sorting" the following settings are offered.

Alphabetical - string sort

One of the following types of string sorting can be chosen:

  • Alphabetical - string sort
    The string is sorted strictly by the values of the Unicode characters.
  • Alphabetical - word sort
    Word sorting weights some non-alphanumeric Unicode characters. For instance the hyphen (-) is weighted low. Therefore  "coop" is followed by "co-op" in a word sorted list.
    Example for a word-sorted list:                                Example for string-sorted list:

coat                                                        co-op

comb                                                        coat

coop                                                        comb

co-op                                                        coop

cork                                                        cork

went                                                        we're

were                                                        went

we're                                                        were

  • Natural sorting (as Explorer)
    Natural sorting sorts numbers by their values (as in Windows Explorer). E.g. if we have the files: A1.txt, A2.txt, A11.txt then we get following order

               Natural sorting option active                        Natural sorting option inactive

               A1.txt                                                A1.txt

               A2.txt                                                A11.txt

               A11.txt                                                A2.txt                

Sort folders always by name

If this setting is checked, folders are always sorted by name, independently of the chosen sorting.

Folders at the end of the list

If this setting is checked, folders are always shown at the end of a list of files (if any) and sorted there separately.

Folders like files

If this setting is checked, folders are not sorted separately from files (either at the top or bottom of the list), but alphabetically among the files.

Folders like files - expect for name

If this setting is checked, folders are sorted like files (except when sorting by name).

Sort by extension - folders too

If this setting is checked, any folder whose name contains a dot (.) is sorted like a file. Characters after the dot are treated as the folder's extension.

Shadow sorted column

If this setting is checked, the sort column is shaded. However if the background color is very light, the shading may be hard to distinguish.

Sort by the same column in all tabs of the panel

If this setting is checked, the chosen sort column applies to all folder tabs in the same panel.