Overview of the user interface - File panels

The (file) panels are the cardinal point of FreeCommander. In a file panel all items (files and sub-folders) of a folder are shown.

The position of the file panels in the main window is shown in chapter "Overview of the user interface".

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → View → File/folder list" numerous settings concerning look and behavior of the file panels can be defined.

Single/dual panel view

Activating the menu item "ViewDual/one panel" or the "F10" key switch between the to view types of panels.

Changing the folders whose contents is shown

Apply commands for items

Commands can be activated by:

Most commands are affecting the items (files and folders) selected in the active panel.

Select items

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → Select items" settings for selecting items (and visualizing selected item) can be defined.

The file panel menu

The file panel menu can be opened by right-clicking:

The file panel menu contains the following menu items:

The active view type is identified by a frame around the icon in front of the name of the view type.
After clicking a view type (or activating the corresponding shortcut) the view type is applied to the panel where the menu was opened.
The individual view types are described at the main menu chapter "View".

The context menu

The Windows standard menu "Context menu" can also be opened by the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl - right-click" on the free space of the panel.

The view types menu

After activating the shortcut "Shift+F1" or (if the view type "Details" is active) right-clicking the column header "Name", a menu with the following menu items is opened:

Quick search

It is sufficient to type a few characters of a search string to quickly locate a file or folder name in the active panel. After typing the first character:

The keys ↓ or ↑ will skip to the next or previous matching items. As long as no arrow key is activated, the search can be narrowed by typing (adding) more characters.

After clicking a panel or activating the "Esc" button the quick search is canceled and the quick search field is removed.

Under the menu item "Tools → Settings → Quick search/filter/starter" settings for the quick search can be defined.