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Quick search

It is sufficient to type a few characters of a search string to quickly locate a file or folder name in the active panel.

A quick search field containing those characters appears on the left of the status bar (see "Overview of the user interface"), and the first item matching the search string will be highlighted in the file/folder list. The keys ↓ or ↑ will skip to the next or previous matching items, respectively.

The following settings are offered:

Quick filter

The quick filter can reduce the number of files and folders displayed in the active panel. The quick filter bar is located at the right end of the status bar of each panel (see "Overview of the user interface").

The filtering can be done by typing a string in the input field or (if there is already some text there) by clicking the button. The panel will then show only those files and folders containing the typed string in their name. Deleting the text from the input field or clicking the button will deactivate the filter.

The following settings are offered:

If the quick filter is currently active, the hotkey "Ctrl+Y" returns the focus to the list in the active panel and deactivates the quick filter. Conversely, if the quick filter is currently not active, the hotkey places the focus in the quick filter input field, ready for typing. This setting determines what will happen if the quick filter is currently not active and already contains text.

If this setting is checked, the hotkey will activate (run) the quick filter using the existing text.

If this setting is not checked, the hotkey will not activate (run) the filter until new text is entered.

To show that a quick filter is activated, the background color of the list can be changed (setting: "File list background color if quick filter active" under the menu item "Settings → View → File/folder list → Color/font).

Quick starter