Overview of the user interface - Favorite tool toolbar

The favorite tools toolbar contains all toolbars defined in the menu item "Tools → Favorite tools".

Each favorite toolbar contains icons for program favorites and/or folder favorites. Within a toolbar these favorites can be grouped to categories.

The position of the favorite tools toolbar in the main window is shown in chapter "Overview of the user interface".

Starting favorites

Context menu

The menu, that is shown after clicking the "favorites tool toolbar" with the "right mouse button", offers the following items:

After activation of this context menu item a dialog to customize the favorite tools toolbars is opened.
This dialog also can be opened by activation of the main menu item "Tools → Favorite tools".
This dialog provides the possibility to define favorite toolbars and their contents (program favorites and/or folder favorites).


If a file is dropped on a program favorite icon, this file is opened by the program favorite.

A new program favorite can be added with drag&drop. Please use the small areas, marked in the picture below, to drop the new favorite: