Tools - Favorite tools - General options

Under the menu item "Tools → Favorite tools" in the tab "General options" settings for favorite toolbars can be defined. These settings are valid for all favorite toolbars. Settings for an individual favorite toolbar are defined under the tab "Toolbar options".

Integrate favorite toolbars with action toolbar

If this option is checked, the favorite toolbars are integrated in the "Actions toolbar". Otherwise it is shown as one or more separate toolbars.

Show favorite toolbar as

If the option "Integrate favorite toolbars with action toolbar"is not checked, it can be selected how the favorite toolbars are shown:

  • One wrappable toolbar
    All items of all favorite toolbars are shown in one row. If the row width is to small to show all items, the toolbar is wrapped (the items are shown in more than one row)
  • Many toolbars
    Each favorite toolbar is shown separately. Each favorite toolbar can be moved separately.