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by Karol
19.09.2019, 11:02
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: Context menu
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Re: Context menu

It is old problem of BitDefender.
by Karol
18.09.2019, 11:20
Forum: Bug reports
Topic: colored tab does not display change of folder
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Re: colored tab does not display change of folder

Open tab properties and clear the filed "Tab name".
by Karol
18.09.2019, 09:14
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Select color configurable
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Re: Select color configurable

Almost all colors are configurable.
Check color schemes
Check the settings, e.g.
by Karol
09.09.2019, 05:39
Forum: Discussion
Topic: Viewer features in multi rename
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Re: Viewer features in multi rename

Have you tried right mouse click on the caption bar?
by Karol
20.08.2019, 14:06
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Unlisted Shortcuts
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Re: Unlisted Shortcuts

If you have the option "Searched fraction must exist at the beginning of the text" active and you want use the opposite option than use '*' as first char in your search string.
by Karol
20.08.2019, 05:35
Forum: Feature Requests
Topic: "Bytes(s)" -> "B" (and perhaps customising size names)?
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Re: "Bytes(s)" -> "B" (and perhaps customising size names)?

You could change the language file for you:
by Karol
19.08.2019, 13:42
Forum: Bug Reports
Topic: KEIN Bug 800 - Right Click Intel Optane Error
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Re: Bug 800 - Right Click Intel Optane Error

It must be not FC problem.
by Karol
19.08.2019, 05:35
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Quickviewer - Show text file from archive
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Re: Quickviewer - Show text file from archive

You can see the content of the archive file the same way as of each folder.
Simply select the archive file and press Enter or make double click.
by Karol
13.08.2019, 07:42
Forum: Resolved Bugs, Issues, Requests
Topic: Cannot Cancel Operations Queue
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Re: Cannot Cancel Operations Queue

Running queue operation has an icon in the Windows taskbar.
Click the icon in the taskabr and then click Cancel in the dialog.