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Tab General

Under "Tools → Settings → View → Folder Tabs" in the tab "Tab General" the design and position of tabs can be configured. The following settings are offered.

Tab style

This group of settings offers six styles of tabs:

  • Single slant
  • Back slant
  • Double slant
  • Round corners
  • Square corners
  • Cut corners

Tab position

The position of the tab area can be specified as follows:

  • Position
    Two positions are offered:
    • Top
      The tab area is positioned between the address bar and the file/folder list (see: Overview of the user interface).
    • Bottom
      The tab area is positioned underneath the file/folder list.
  • Multi line
    This setting specifies what should happen if all tabs will not fit in one row.
    • If this setting is checked, all tabs are always visible. If necessary, they are displayed in more than one row.
    • If this setting is not checked, the tabs are displayed in one row. If necessary, two buttons appear for scrolling the tab area.

Tab sequence

This setting determines whether the tabs are shown in the standard sequence (left align) or in reverse sequence (right align).

Icon position

Each tab can be displayed with a folder or drive icon, in addition to its title.

  • Show icons
    If this setting is checked, the icons are shown.
  • Icon position
    If the setting "Show icons" is checked, this setting determines the position of the icon relative to the title:
    • Left
    • Right
    • Top
    • Bottom

Use large images

If this setting and the setting "Show icons" are checked, the tab icons are displayed larger.