Tools - Settings - File/folder operations - Tab Rename/Create


The following settings are offered for the renaming of files and folders:

  • Allow rename on slow double click
    If this setting is checked and an item (file or folder) is slowly double-clicked (two single clicks), the item name is overlaid by an editor containing the item name. This allows the name to be changed directly in the list, without opening a dialog window.
    • Delay in milliseconds
      If "Allow rename on slow double click" is checked, this field allows to defined the maximum time in milliseconds between both clicks of the double-click.
  • Use dialog window for rename
    If this setting is checked and the menu item "File → Rename" or the hotkey "F2" are activated, a dialog window pops up for renaming the highlighted item. If two or more items are selected, the dialog window "Multi rename..." pops up automatically.
  • Select only file name
    If this setting is checked, only the file name (without extension) is selected in the editor.

Create file/folder - name suggestion

When a new file or folder is created, names will be suggested based on the date and timestamp (date and time) formats as defined here.

  • Date format
    Enter or select the date format used to build the name suggestion.
  • Timestamp format
    Enter or select the timestamp format used to build the name suggestion.


  • Menu item "Folder → New" or the hotkey "F7":
    The popup dialog suggests folder names which are generated from the date and timestamp.
  • Menu item "Tools → Desktop snapshot..." or the hotkey "Shift+Ctrl+F11":
    The timestamp is suggested as the file name. 
    If the setting "create subfolder from current date" is checked, the folder name is created from the current date.