Main menu - View - List

Activating the main menu item "View → List" or the shortcut "Ctrl+F1" shows the items (file names with extensions and folder names) of the active folder in the active panel in several columns:

The icon preceding this menu item changes from to .

Settings for this view type (icon size and column width) can be defined under the tab "General" of the main menu item "Tools → Settings → View →  File/folder list".

"List" is the quickest view type, because no file/folder specific information has to be extracted. But it offers no details.

Activating the shortcut "Shift+F1" from the active view type "List" opens a menu with switching options to other view types:

Scrolling with the mouse wheel:

  • in the view type "List" scrolls to the right or to the left
  • in the view type "Small icons" scrolls up or down.