Main menu - View - Details

Activating the main menu item "View → Details" or the shortcut "Ctrl+F2" shows the items (files and folders) of the active folder in the active panel with details.

One item is shown per row.

The icon preceding this menu item changes from to .

Column profiles with different columns and sort options can be defined in the "Column profiles" dialog opened with the main menu items "Tools → Settings → View → Column profiles" or "View Column profiles".

Activating the main menu item "View → Details" opens the topmost column profile defined in this dialog.

Activating the shortcut "Shift+F1" or right clicking the header of the column "Name" from the active view type "Details" opens a menu with switching options to other view types:

  • List
  • Details
  • Thumbnails
  • Column profiles, with the sub menu items:
    • Add current column profile...
    • Add current column profile specific to folder...
    • Profile settings...
    • one item per column profile, defined under the main menu item "Tools → Settings → View → Column profiles.
  • Add/remove columns...
    Activating this menu item opens a list of possible FreeCommander and Windows columns. Each checked column is shown in the active panel in the current "Details" view. Adding or removing columns changes the active "Details" view.
  • Auto resize columns
    Activating this menu item or the shortcut "Shift+Ctrl+(+ on the numeric key pad)" optimizes the column width in the current "Details" view of the active panel automatically.