Tools - Settings - View - DOS Prompt

The menu item "Tools → Settings → View → DOS Prompt" configures the command line to start DOS prompts. This line is located below the status bars (see chapter "Overview of the user interface").

Show command line

If this setting is checked, a line is shown at the bottom of FreeCommander's window with an input field for DOS commands on the right. The DOS command is executed (after activating the "ENTER" key) in a command prompt window.

Enable history in Command line

If this setting is checked, previous DOS commands are saved and can be chosen and executed after clicking the button.

Close shell window after command execution (invert with Alt+Enter)

If this setting is checked, the command prompt window will close automatically after the completion of the DOS command. This setting is reversed if the command is activated by "Alt+ENTER" (instead of "ENTER").

DOS box command specification

This setting specifies an alternative EXE to use in place of the standard DOS interpreter. The path to this interpreter can be entered in the input field. Using the variable %ActivDir% transfers the active directory.

The input field can also be used to call the standard DOS interpreter with parameters. For example, to set the color and window size in Windows7 / 64Bit: cmd.exe /T:1F /K "mode 120,20"