FreeCommander 2008.06

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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FreeCommander 2008.06

#1 Post by Marek » 15.06.2008, 21:27

FreeCommander 2008.06 has been released!

Important changes in the version 2008.06
  • New: Multi rename tool
    New: Built in FTP: activate FTP under Settings->Drives: Show FTP as drive
    New: Synchronize folders - exclude filter possible
    New: Synchronize folders - option for "ignore 1 hour time delay"
    New: Lock toolbars
    New action: Create new file
    New action and pushbutton in toolbar: New file
    New: Settings->Toolbar: Show menu as toolbar
    New: Settings->Toolbar: Drawing style
    New: Settings->Icons: Icons in main menu (Use small icons; Use the same size as in toolbar)
    New item in the popup menu for tabs: Lock - navigation to subfolders
    New: Settings->View: Width of Go Up strip
    New: Settings->View->Toolbars: Use big icons
    New: Settings->View->Splitter: Show "Swap panels" button; Width of splitter
    New: Settings->Quick search/filter: Deactivate filter for folder change
    New: Save scroll bar position for tabs
    Changed: F5/F6 shortcuts changed to copy/move with dialog
    Bug: High CPU Usage after taking Desktop Snapshots
    Bug: Password is shown, when user enter password for unRar files
    Bug: Favorite folders - multibyte characters do not work
    Bug fixed: Vista folder e:\windows\winsxs can not be open if "View folder size" option is active
    Other bugs fixed
The latest version is available on the FreeCommander download page.


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