column data gets swapped

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column data gets swapped

#1 Post by kerbz » 17.05.2022, 03:33


So, I've been experiencing this for a long time and cannot recall a time when this didn't happen, and it most certainly still happens under the latest donor version 869.

After FreeCommander has been running for some extended period of time (the only way I know how to recreate the issue), data from the "[Date] Modified" column and the "Size Auto" column will swap, as shown in two of the attached screenshots.

Upon closing/quitting FreeCommander and then relaunching the app, the correct data is displayed in the correct column, as shown in the 2nd attached screenshot.

Any questions, let me know and I'll do my best!

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Re: column data gets swapped

#2 Post by Marek » 19.05.2022, 21:35

Please try to define the same columns order in the settings ( ... files.html) and in the panel.
Let me know if it help.

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