Why it hangs aftere file deleted?

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Why it hangs aftere file deleted?

#1 Post by Gourmand » 27.10.2019, 17:08

Windows XP SP3. Each time when I permanently delete file (Shift-Del) FC first time hangs for a minute. But next file will it deletes without delay. This happened with all FC versions including latest. This does not happen if I delete in Explorer. Explorer deletes files without any delay,

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Re: Why it hangs aftere file deleted?

#2 Post by Dreamer » 27.10.2019, 18:14

Strange, try to open Settings (F12) > File/folder operations > General > and for Delete use option "Use FreeCommander" and perhaps also to use the Queue, 3rd tab in the same Settings > and enable the option "Make Queue button as default in the operation dialog".

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