Size of folders improvements / issues

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Size of folders improvements / issues

#1 Post by Dreamer » 24.02.2019, 17:05

Size of folders option is useful, but it's not easy to use, few common issues:

- If I enable it for one tab, I may forgot to disable it and it's loading size of all folders on all tabs, even on root dir and it's slow.
- Using "Size of selected folders" is a workaround, but I have to select folder, use shortcut, deselect folders - and the size is lost on tab change.

My suggestions for improvements:

1) Save "Size of folders" state per tab, or per locked tabs only.
2) Add "Size of tabs" option to "Automatic views", to be able to have it always enabled only for some folders (add options enable/disable/no change).
3) Add new option "Size of tab folders" - 1-click workaround to show size of all tab/visible.

Another issue is, that sizes are lost on tab change, is it possible to preserve the size on tab change? If so, add "*" next to old size and calculate new size automatically or manually by refreshing the view, then remove "*" if the size is updated.

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Re: Size of folders improvements / issues

#2 Post by Forez » 12.03.2019, 23:08

How about the Auto Size icon on the Splitter, highlighted with a color when it is active?

I use it all the time, but have an issue with it: ... =20&t=8535

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