v787 Win10 - selected file color is dark blue??

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v787 Win10 - selected file color is dark blue??

#1 Post by dsperber » 24.11.2018, 15:28

I was working today and happened to notice that the background color of the selected file was "dark blue", making the file name itself virtually impossible to read in its black font. I don't recall changing this color and it always used to be a pale blue as I recall.

So I did some research. I have a Win7 environment still running older FCXE 777 and the selected file color is certainly the familiar pale blue I'm looking for.

Here is the Win10 "dark blue" example:


And for contrast here is the Win7 "pale blue" example:


NOTE: This is a Win10 environment using FCXE 787, and there is a custom desktop color scheme.So it may be the result of this Win10 color scheme that the selected file color is dark blue. If so, I'd like to know how I manually customize the selected file color to once again be the same pale blue as I'm accustomed to for all of these years. I don't see any Settings option which specifically sets the color of a selected file.

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Re: v787 Win10 - selected file color is dark blue??

#2 Post by Dreamer » 24.11.2018, 16:00

I'm not sure if which option will change it, but one of these or all should help:

https://freecommander.com/fchelpxe/en/C ... tIcon.html ("Selection color")

https://freecommander.com/fchelpxe/en/General4.html ("Use Windows colors" or/and "Theme off (need program restart)")*

* I'm not sure if you need to disable the option "Use Windows colors" also for Tree selection color, but it look so.

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Re: v787 Win10 - selected file color is dark blue??

#3 Post by Karol » 24.11.2018, 21:25

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