Tools - Settings - Select items - Tab General

The tab "General" provides the following settings:

Select with mouse pointer

This group defines how items are selected with the mouse pointer.

If no setting is checked within this group, the item underneath the mouse pointer will not be highlighted, and files and folders are opened by double-clicking.

The following settings are offered:

Full row select

If this setting is checked, the whole row is highlighted, not just the name.

Theme off (need program restart)

If this setting is checked, the active Windows theme will not be used for FreeCommander's user interface. A change of this setting will take effect only after restarting FreeCommander.


Colors can be defined only if the setting " Theme off (need program restart)" is checked.

The following color and border settings can be defined:

For the selected items in the inactive panel, the background color can be defined (after clicking the button).

If the setting "only border" is checked, each cell in a selected row of the active panel will be framed. Any settings for text and background colors will be ignored.

For the item beneath the mouse ("Hot item"), the following colors can be defined (after clicking the button):