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Color Schemes - Guide

#1 Post by Dreamer » 05.12.2017, 20:40

  • Border bottom line option has been added in version 795.
  • Color scheme menu icon support has been added in version 795 (more info below).
  • New color schemes created from version 795 are compatible from this version.
  • "Color Schemas", used in the release 770, have been changed to "Color Schemes", it is more accurate term.

Before you start, please read these general hints:
  • Make sure you're using the latest FreeCommander version, to have all available features and bug fixes
  • It's recommended to save your current colors to the color scheme first
  • You can save the color scheme in the main menu > View > Color schemes > "Save current color scheme..."
  • To switch the color scheme, go to main menu > View > Color schemes > and click to color scheme name
  • Save your modified color scheme frequently, it would help if the program or Windows crash
  • Don't forget to save your color scheme if you exit FreeCommander, or if you switch the color scheme
  • You can add a toolbar buttons or/and keyboard shortcut "Show color schemes popup menu" to load/save color schemes easily
  • Color scheme works only if "Use Windows colors" option is inactive
  • If you create a dark color scheme, it's easier to start with Dark_Gray_Flat_Default color scheme
  • Color with tool-tip name "Window Text" can be used for Border, this way the border color will be the same as focused font color
  • You can save the custom colors in color scheme - click the color button, then to "More colors..." button, then select a free entry under the "Custom colors:", define a color and click "Add to Custom Colors" button, finally save your color scheme to file
  • To show saved custom colors (when you exit FreeCommander), you need to re-load a color scheme
How to create a new color scheme for FreeCommander:

You can change almost every color in the FreeCommander and save it to the Color scheme file. The options with customizable colors are located in the Settings dialog and in the main menu, here is the list of these options:

Settings (F12):
  • Quick search/filter/starter
  • Select items > General
  • Select items > NC-Mode
  • View
  • View > Address bar > Color/Font
  • View > File/folder list > Color/Font
  • View > File/folder list > Items color
  • View > Folder Tabs > Tab Colors
  • View > Tree > Color/Font/Icons
  • View > Status bar
  • View > Thumbnails
  • View > View style > and select the style you like.
  • View > View style > Gradient - Custom > Define... - to customize the colors for toolbars and main menu
To display the icon in color schemes menu:
  • Create a png image file with the size 20x20 pixels with 2 most common colors, or create a copy of included png file and edit this file.
  • Rename the png file to the same name as the color scheme name (.colors file).
  • Place the png file to the Settings\ColorSchemes folder.
You can save the png file for the color scheme (if available) and just copy it to the Settings\ColorSchemes folder.

Notes / limitations:

No user data, paths or history are included in the .colors file, you can view its content in any text viewer or in integrated viewer (F3).

The color of some elements can't be changed (probably it will be possible in the future):
  • Line between main menu and standard toolbar
  • Line between items panel and status bar
  • Columns header in Details view
  • Scrollbars
  • Gridlines
  • Tooltips (background and text)
  • Text selection background in address bar and rename dialog
  • Text for Selected item inactive list
  • Viewer toolbar button selection
  • Viewer toolbar background
  • Border of selected toolbar button
  • Tab - inactive panel - active tab font (color from active tab is used)
  • Tree focused item (light blue)
  • Tree node symbol (black)
  • Tree lines
  • Tree and Favorites tree background for inactive panel
  • Black "down arrow icon" symbol to display sub-menu
  • Quick Starter - the color of the the down left corner box (filter)
The color of these options can be changed, but they are not saved in the color scheme file (yet):
  • View > Viewer > Viewer button (tabs General, Text, Text Advanced, Multimedia)
  • View > Viewer > Quick Viewer button (if you don't use option "use same settings for viewer and quick viewer")
Few hints for uploading:
  • Before uploading a color scheme, please test it for a while to make sure all texts are visible and readable, test colors with different backgrounds (quick filter, plain view, only selected), check the tree, favorites tree, details view...
  • One color scheme per post, if you have multiple files, create multiple posts
  • For the color scheme name, use the color(s) and your name or nick, e.g.:
  • Add a short description to your color scheme, e.g.:
    General color(s): Dark grey, silver
    Optimized for: NC selection / Windows selection, Flat symbols / Classic symbols
    Recommended options: One wrappable toolbar
    Release date: 2017-12-05
    Last update: 2017-12-06
    Created by: Dreamer
  • Use these command line parameters when creating screenshot, if you're using a setup version (your custom setting files will be preserved):

    Code: Select all

    /N /NewIni=%FcAppDataPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English /ShowHidden /size=800x600
    If you're using a portable version, use this parameters:

    Code: Select all

    /N /NewIni=%FcSrcPath%\Settings\FreeCommanderTest.ini /NoPlugins /Lng=English /ShowHidden /size=800x600
  • Please use the folders and files with different attributes (standard, read-only, hidden) for the screenshot (for example similar to default color schemes below)
  • If you want to include the icon for color schemes menu:
    - Create a png image file with the size 20x20 pixels with 2 most common colors, or create a copy of included png file and edit this file.
    - Rename the png file to the same name as the color scheme name (.colors file).
  • If you want to share your scheme with other users, please upload the .color file, .png icon file and screenshot (if possible) to Color Schemes - Files topic
  • The donor can send the request for upload possibility via e-mail
Useful links: Thank you!

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