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#1 Post by homersimpsonmeingmx » 24.01.2020, 18:24

After using FreeCommander for a while I must say it is a very good program.
Nonetheless there is always room for improvements.
This is my list:

1) I like a feature from XYplorer: after copying or cutting a file(s) beside the file's icon appears a thin bar marking what was copied or cut (see picture https://ibb.co/2h7R28J)
2) It sould be possible to change the colors of some items:
- Tree nodes and sub-menu arrows (difficult to see on a dark background)
- Scrollbers (foreground and background are too similar and difficult to distinguish)
- Gridlines (too contrasting over a dark background)
- Column headers
3) Option to show the tree-lines as solid and highlight (with color over the lines themselves, see XYplorer) the currently active path
4) I honestly don't like the current behaviour that at least one item remains selected even when it only has "focus" (hence why the two different highlights for "selected" and "focused"?)
I mean if it is focused it is not selected, isn't it?
5) Give tohe possibility to create personalised profiles to the "Make folder/file list" function in order to select the information to be print

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Re: Features

#2 Post by Dreamer » 24.01.2020, 19:04

Please read the forum rules.

• Make sure to search the forum before posting your question, issue, or suggestion.

• Also read the Frequently Asked Questions before posting.

• Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads.

• Use descriptive titles. Nothing like "I need help", or "Tabs" please.

Moved to General Discussion.

Start the new topics for each suggestion.

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Re: Features

#3 Post by Dreamer » 24.01.2020, 19:16

1) Here is the similar suggestion:


2) It's a known issue, more here:

https://freecommander.com/en/faq-color- ... lor_scheme

4) It's a Windows Explorer behavior, try the NC-Mode, focused item is just focused here, you can change the way focused item look, or try some color schemes.

https://freecommander.com/fchelpxe/en/S ... CMode.html
http://forum.freecommander.com/viewtopi ... 8e6b8ce51b

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