Tools - Settings - View - Drives - 
Tab Select drive

Under "Tools → Settings → View → Drives" in the tab "Select drive" the following settings define the behavior after a drive is changed.

Show with drive select

This setting specifies which folder is opened when the drive is changed (by clicking a drive). One of three options can be chosen:

  • Root folder
    When a drive is changed, the drive's root folder is opened. Example: After clicking "Drive C", the folder "C:\" is opened.
  • First suitable folder from the history
    When a drive is changed, the folder last open on that drive is opened.
  • Same folder like in the other panel
    When a drive is changed, the active panel opens to the folder shown in the other panel if it belongs to the clicked drive. Both panels thereby show the same folder.

Message - if not ready

If this setting is checked, a message appears if the selected drive is not ready (e.g. no CD is inserted).