FreeCommander - Installation

FreeCommander offers two installation alternatives:


The easiest way to install FreeCommander XE is to use the setup program FreeCommanderXE_setup.exe. (Before running this setup program, it is necessary to download (and unpack afterwards) the file "" from the FreeCommander homepage).

The setup program leads you through the installation step by step.


After confirming with "Yes", the "User Account Control" is opened:

As a file manger FreeCommander has to make changes to the device. After allowing it with "Yes", a language can be selected and confirmed with "OK"  

To carry out a standard installation, from this point on it is sufficient to repeatedly click the "Next" button.

The setup installation creates the configuration files in the following folders (if Windows is installed on drive "C:"):

  • Windows XP
    C:\Documents and Settings\user_name\Local Settings\Application Data\FreeCommanderXE\Settings
  • Windows Vista and later

The setup program allows installing a newer version to an existing folder (update).

The file FreeCommander.md5 (stored in the install folder) contains checksums of all important files. Double-clicking this file checks all files in FreeCommander.


It is not possible to update a folder containing version 2009.02b or earlier to FreeCommander XE. The settings of FreeCommander XE are not compatible with FreeCommander version 2009.02b or earlier and cannot be transfered.


The archive file (downloaded from the FreeCommander homepage) does not contain a setup program. It contains all required FreeCommander XE files. This ZIP file can be unpacked to any folder. FreeCommander XE must be started directly from this folder, or by activating a (manually generated) link. No FreeCommander icons are generated in the start menu or on the desktop.

This installation alternative allows for storing the configuration files in the install folder. The install folder (including settings) can then be copied anywhere, e.g. to a USB stick.

Example for an initial portable installation:

  • Create the folder c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE
  • Unpack the archive file to c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE
  • Create the subfolder c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE\Settings
  • Create the empty file freecommander.ini in the folder c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE\Settings
  • Start FreeCommander.exe from c:\Tools\FreeCommanderXE