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Tab Icons

Under "Tools → Settings → View → File/folder list" in the tab "Icons" the user may specify what icons appear in front of file names, depending on the type of the drive.

Type of drive

The method for determining icons can be defined according to the following types of drives:

  • Fixed drives
  • Network drives
  • Removable drives
  • Optical drives (CD/DVD)

Method of icon determination

The following methods are available:

  • Extracted
    This method reads (extracts) the icon individually out of the program files, or searches for them in the Windows database (Registry).
  • Registered
    This method uses only icons that are registered in the Windows database (Registry). This method is faster because no icons have to be extracted from program files.
  • Fixed
    This method uses only icons predefined by the system for files and folders. This method is very fast, and therefore especially suitable for slow equipment or connections.