Overview of the user interface - Favorite items tree panel

In FreeCommander the menu item "Favorites → Favorites-edit" offers the possibility to define several favorites trees (favorites sets).

The favorite item tree panel consists of the selection box "Favorites sets", that allows to select a favorites tree, and (below) the selected favorites tree.

A favorites tree can consist of the title (Tree name + " (Set)") and below several category layers, favorite folders and favorite files.

The position of the "Favorite items tree panel" in the main window is shown in chapter "Overview of the user interface".

Activating the menu items "View → Favorites tree" or "Favorites → Favorites tree" or the shortcut "Alt+F" activates/deactivates the "Favorite items tree panel".

If the "Favorite items tree panel" is deactivated, the icon is shown in front of the menu items "   → Favorites tree". If its activated the icon is shown.

Where and how the "Favorite items tree panel" is shown can be defined under the menu item "Tools → Settings → View → Tree".

The "Favorite items tree panel" is described under the menu item "Favorites → Favorites tree".