Selecting files via commandline often doesn't work

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Selecting files via commandline often doesn't work

#1 Post by Ike » 12.09.2019, 07:54

I very regularly use the /C /T /L=xxx commandline to open a directory and highlight a specific file. This very often doesn't work correctly, it seems mainly when the file is on a different computer on the network.

My commandline is for example:

"C:\Program Files\FreeCommander XE\FreeCommander.exe" /C /T "/L=\\webdev\Webs\CMS\Web\_classes\CMyParcelNL.asp

Sometimes this leads to FreeCommander opening a new tab, opening the correct directory (\\webdev\Webs\CMS\Web\_classes) and highlighting the file (CMyParcelNL.asp). However, most of the time FreeCommander will open a new tab, which by default is a copy of the previous active tab (so same directory as the existing tab) and then nothing. It fails to change the directory in the tab to the one in the commandline and ofcourse it's not able to highlight the file.

This bug has been present at least in the last view builds. I'm not sure if this ever worked correctly.
I'm currently using build 801 64-bit-donor

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