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Show Menu as Toolbar

#1 Post by JDN » 20.05.2018, 01:49

In the FreeCommander Help file, under Overview of the user interface - Menu bar, it says:

The menu bar can be integrated in the actions toolbar. For that purpose the option "Show menu as toolbar" contained in the menu item "Tools → Customize toolbar", has to be checked.

I cant find any entry called "Customize toolbar" under "Tools". There is one entry called "Customize Action Toolbars". But I cant find any entry there that is similar to "Show menu as toolbar".

Can anyone tell me where I can find the way to integrate the menu bar into the actions toolbar?

Never mind. I found it.

You select Tools then Customize Action Toolbar then General Options then Show main toolbar as many toolbars - show menu as toolbar. I'm guessing there was not enough room to specify "Customize Action Toolbars" in the Help file and so it was written as "Customize Toolbars" instead. I guess the thing that threw me was that I couldn't find "Show menu as toolbar". Instead, it was written as "Show main toolbar as many toolbars - show menu as toolbar."

For a while, I got confused because I would have thought the correct choice was "Show main toolbar as one wrappable toolbar" and not "Show main toolbar as many toolbars - Show menu as toolbar". But after thinking about it for a while, it does make sense.

I like this option because it provides more blank space vertically which means the main window can display more items. It was worth taking the time to get this working.

Thank you.

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