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Package Management / Distribution

#1 Post by Link68759 » 22.12.2017, 04:29

Hello- been using FreeCommander since Windows XP. Love this software.

But I think it might be time to rethink the way FreeCommander is distributed.

#1: Stop gating x64 behind "donation".
This never made sense to me: a trend to restrict access to x64 back in the days when x64 needed developers to adopt it. That part of Windows history is over: x64 is here. FreeCommander needs a general x64 release.

#2: Distribution and or the Windows 10 Store. There already is a chocolatey package for FreeCommander, but the will to maintain it is not there, presumably because the maintainer can't actually get access to, or otherwise legally redistribute, x64 builds. Note that anyone can set up a private automated updating chocolatey package for FreeCommander 32bit. Paying for the privilege of x64 is in fact less convenient.

#3: Update method of monetization
  • Donation perk idea: access to the latest builds? However you implement this, it would be wise to make sure the donators aren't getting less convenience for their support. Donation perks must be compatible with the package managers.
  • Open a Patreon or Kickstarter Drip
  • Distribute on the Windows Store, with no restrictions on the "free version", but users can still "buy" it to support you. This is a common practice in the store.
someone who is too lazy to log in to your site for x64 releases, and would gladly donate more for package manager support. I think it has been nearly 10 years since my donation! I'd have no problem donating again.

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