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Multi rename history improvement

#1 Post by Forez » 22.11.2017, 19:08

There is a slight inconsistency in the behavior of the Multi rename tool window

If I select some files and in the Settings > Pattern > Filename put some complex formula including the [c] option, I can execute it [as long as it does not have some errors]. But what happens if I want to repeat that on other set of files; and even more, when I want to pick up where I left but with different numbers for [c] option, potentially skipping some numbers / files?

There is no option like "load another folder" or "select new files". I have to close the renaming window, navigate to my new selection and once again press the CTRL + M shortcut. And what happens then? The window opens with simple [e] put in the Settings > Pattern > Filename. OK, I understand the logic behind that- the renaming tool starts with a default and harmless values, the [n] and the [e]. But why cannot there be a "load the last formula and counter" / "load the last options" button; or just load the last formula / values and give a "reset to default" button

As for the inconsistency in behavior: the Filename and File extension are wiped clean- but the Counter remembers the number of digits to be used; but not the numbers themselves

I wish there would be an option for remembering the last formula and numbers. And yes, I can save various "Profiles"- but that is not the same what I am proposing. And yes there is a list of last formulas, but that requires navigating to them and it and does not bring back the numbers last used in the Counter area

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