FreeCommander 2007.10

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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FreeCommander 2007.10

#1 Post by Dreamer » 28.10.2007, 23:04

FreeCommander 2007.10 has been released!

• Address bar editable with auto completition and auto suggest (Alt+G or middle mouse button click)
• Function key bar
• DoubleClick on locked tab - go to locked folder, if not in tab
• New settings:
- Shell menu: add 'FreeCommander' item to context menu
- Start program: TEMP folder can be defined
- Programs: more options for define programs
- Select items: Hover time for select items with mouse pointer; open files with one click
- Folder Tabs: Folder history per Tab
- Function Key Bar: Show icons
- Drives: Show with drive select (3 options)
- Confirmations: Use dialog window for rename
- Color/Font: Color for striped lines in detail view
• New sorting options:
- Folders always at the end of the list
- Natural sorting (as Explorer)
- Folder like files (except for name)
• Shortcuts saved as text and not as number
• Favorite tools renewed (Categories, Toolbar, Drag&Drop)
• New toolbar button: Window splitting
• Desktop and Thumbnail button with drop down list
• View button with drop down list - you can use this button for toggle views between list and details. You can define more views for toggle in the freecommander.ini in the [Form] section, e.g. ToggleViews=1,2,5 if you want toggle between list, details and thumbnails.
• Localized Vista folders (reparse point folder) can be opened now
• New command line parameters /NewIni=, /Ini=, /NoPlugins, /Lng=, /N, /C, /Z
- /NewIni= Starts FC with a different INI file instead of freecommander.ini. A new file will always be created. If defined file exists, it will be deleted first.
- /Ini= Starts FC with a different INI file instead of freecommander.ini. A new file will be created if the defined file does not exist.
- /NoPlugins Starts FC with disabled plugins
- /Lng= Starts FC with a different language file instead of that defined in config file
- /N Starts FC in any case as new instance
- /C Starts FC and passes the command line parameters to the already running instance
- /Z For usage with /C parameter - interprets the passed paths as source/target instead of left/right.
• Many small bugs fixed

The latest version is available on the FreeCommander Downloads page.

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