Save the column profile and auto view with 1-click

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Save the column profile and auto view with 1-click

#1 Post by Dreamer » 14.08.2022, 16:27

FC has these useful features for column profiles and auto views:
- "Add current column profile"
- "Add current column profile specific to folder"
- "Add current view specific to folder"

Unfortunately, they are quite hidden in the program, they are available only in the details view - column header context menu, and I think that many users don't know about them.
Creating the column profile or auto view manually is not so easy, especially for less advanced users.
Possibly these users don't use these useful features and always switch views manually.

Since those quick options already exist, I suggest to add them also as options in/as:
- main menu
- toolbar buttons
- keyboard shortcuts

They could be also in the free space context menu.

Currently, when using the existing options, dialog with the name is shown, I think it's not necessary, the name is generated automatically, so it could be added/saved without this dialog, this way it would be even faster - 1-click option. Additional suffix with the number could be added, if needed, or the dialog could be show only if the profile with the same name already exist.

When using the current option "Add current view specific to folder" and the option "show size of folders" is active, it's not saved to auto view profile, with the new option this could be saved, also if "show size of folders" is disabled, value "inactive" should be saved, because when using auto views and just 1 view has this option active, when switching tabs, and the value for other auto views is "no change", it's active for these folders, which is unwanted behavior, because it could be folder with many subfolders, or even root.

When saving auto view with the potential new option, perhaps also the column profile could be saved for it, perhaps it could be added by name, when saving the auto view for folder "Documents", and the column profile with this name exist, automatically save it for the new auto view item/profile.

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