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Discussion and questions regarding to the translation of FreeCommander XE
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Help translation tools

#1 Post by sayanvd » 01.04.2022, 08:13

1. I want to translate the current help file into Russian, but the translation guide doesn't say anything about how to translate the CHM help file. Who has already made such a translation into other languages, can you share information?
2. Maybe this is off topic, but who knows if the author plans to replace the outdated CHM help format (insecure and not supported by Microsoft for a long time) with some alternative format, for example, HTML?

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Re: Help translation tools

#2 Post by kayazeren » 01.04.2022, 08:46

I didn't work with FreeCommander CHM file but worked other CHM files.
Dr. Explain is very good application to work with CHM files.
Free version fully functional except watermarked images.

Marek could be reply about future plans

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Re: Help translation tools

#3 Post by Marek » 03.04.2022, 22:03

I use HelpNDoc tool for building the help file.
No plans for replacing CHM. With HelpNDoc it is possible to create HTML help - example here.

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