FreeCommander 2008.06b

Bugs and other issues or requests which have been resolved.
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FreeCommander 2008.06b

#1 Post by Marek » 01.09.2008, 22:32

FreeCommander 2008.06b has been released!

Important changes in the version 2008.06b
  • Bug fixed: Interface bug viewtopic.php?t=1117
    Bug fixed: Descending sort on type and extension do not work
    Bug fixed: Multi rename - DEL key always removes current line in the file list
    Bug fixed: Changes in "Define favorite tools window" caused no refresh on toolbar viewtopic.php?t=1127
    Bug fixed: Ftp option "Right as number" is saved only with the option "List files in Log (slower)"
    Bug fixed: Define favorite tools issue viewtopic.php?t=1099
    Bug fixed: It is not possible to use "=" character in quick search
    Bug fixed: Sometimes file names are truncated
    Bug fixed: Difficult selection with enabled Folder Size in NC-mode viewtopic.php?t=1181
    Bug fixed: Wrong file order when using drag&drop to other program in NC-mode viewtopic.php?t=1180
    Bug fixed: Define favorite tools issue viewtopic.php?t=1099
    Bug fixed: AV bug in multi rename dialog
    Bug/New: FTP upload not possible for some servers; try to define the line "Command4FileExists=SIZE" in the server section of freecommander.ftp
    New: File->Attributes/Timestamp... the checkboxes for attributes now have 3 states: checked, unchecked and not changed
    New: Quick search - press the same key repeatedly for skipping to the next item (like Explorer)
    New: Custom columns option "Autosize for 'Name' column"
The latest version is available on the FreeCommander download page.


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