History and Locked Tabs

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History and Locked Tabs

#1 Post by Aliby » 20.02.2020, 17:26

When opening FC with restore History active, any locked tabs will duplicate if the previous location was NOT the "locked location", one tab will be the locked location, the other will be the previous location that tab was on.
  • LOCK TAB:When a TAB is locked you can set the Navigation to subfolders only.
  • If you try go to another location (e.g. clicking in the path or on the Drives) it will open a new tab.
  • If you go to a subfolder it remains in the locked tab.
  • HISTORY: You can set the tab and location History to on so that FC restores your tabs as you had them when it closed.
  • BUG: With Lock and History on, FC seems to treat the locked tab with a subfolder location in history as outside the locked navigation range and opens a new tab for that historical tab, while also restoring the locked tab at the "Locked Path" location
  • The result is that you can quickly land up with many "duplicate" tabs
Occurring in: FreeCommander XE 2020 Build 810a 32-bit public (and Build 810 32-bit public)

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