Folder panel keeps updating/blinking

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Folder panel keeps updating/blinking

#1 Post by wonger33 » 15.08.2019, 23:06

I'm using FreeCommander XE 2019 build 790a 32-bit public on Windows 7 and the folder tree panel is constantly blinking like it is updating. When it does this, CPU usage is 9-10%. It will sometimes stop for a second or two, and CPU usage goes down, but it will always go back to blinking. In the View/Tree/Management tab settings, I tried turning off "Follow location changes" and "Make selected node automatically visible", but that doesn't help. Is this happening for anybody else?

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Re: Folder panel keeps updating/blinking

#2 Post by Marek » 19.08.2019, 22:48

Maybe some drive generates so many change events that the tree is constantly updating.
You could try exclude some items from the tree and check if something changes.

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