Some Few Suggestions

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Some Few Suggestions

#1 Post by Altober » 01.01.2008, 10:33

Hi, FC is an excellent program, really I'm like too much.
My suggestion are:
1) Possibility to paste the clipboard contain directly in the FC active folder... if clipboard is an image, paste a generic image file name (fcimage1.jpg or fcimage1.bmp), if clipboard is text, paste a generic text file (fctextfile1.txt, etc).
This features help so much in loop works.

2) Possibility to place one tool icon in the toolbar, made in "Favorite Tools" with the direct tool created. (with only one click, the work is made).

Very Thanks... sorry for my english.

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 01.01.2008, 23:12

One request per post please! Start the new topic for each request. Always read the forum rules before posting. Thanks.


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