Two Bugs Found

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Two Bugs Found

#1 Post by brotherlee » 29.10.2007, 21:24

1. Even though I am using the english language version, "ordnerfavoriten" pops up when you hover over Favorites Folder icon in the toolbar. It is also spelled this way under the settings for the toolbar.

2. When the minimize to system tray is checked, if you click on the the Windows taskbar to minimize the app it minimizes but still shows in the up in the taskbar(and the system tray). If you minimize from the app itself, if works normally.

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 30.10.2007, 00:16

Please read the forum rules before posting!!! One issue per topic! Use descriptive titles.

It's very hard to reply and impossible to close the solved topic with a bug this way.



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