2 small problems.

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2 small problems.

#1 Post by Fad » 21.10.2007, 20:44

I have made some custom column settings and would like them to be the default, globally & "permanently".....

The problem occurs when I open the Image Browser (for example), then when I close it, the system default column settings are restored NOT my personal column settings.

Is there any way to force FC to always use my own settings ?

Also, another little thing is this (the same thing happens in TurboNavigator as well).....

Imagine I open a nested folder on the left pane....example:

D > MP3 > Music > Folder1

Then when I try to open the ROOT folder of the same drive (D) in the right pane.....
then the nested path that is already in the left pane also opens in the right one.....NOT the root which I asked for.

If you can understand that ! :D

Is this a limitation of the filesystem or something I can change ?

Thanks. :wink:

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#2 Post by Dreamer » 21.10.2007, 21:20

Please read the forum rules before posting.


• Post different questions, issues, or suggestions in separate threads.

• Use descriptive titles. Nothing like "I need help", or "Tabs" please.

• Add as many additional information as possible to your post, i.e. FreeCommander version, operating system, etc.


Locked and closed.

Please start the new topics, just copy the text from this topic. Thanks.

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